Vata d.o.o.

About us

Vata d.o.o. has been operating in its current form since 1994, but its origins date back to 1974. New technologies, materials and market demands have dictated constant changes in the product range, from leather products for the shoe industry, fur processing to non-woven textiles made of natural and synthetic fibres. There used to be several smaller production lines, but now there are two production lines with high productivity. We are present in the automotive sector ( car seats, child seats ), furniture industry ( mattresses, cushions, sofas, etc…), ready-to-wear ( blankets, pillows, decorative cushions, sleeping bags, workwear, toys), shoe industry, etc… We sell most of our production in demanding foreign markets, and partly in the domestic market. Through continuous quality control we ensure customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation. We are a flexible company, which produces products according to the customer’s requirements.

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